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About the Wall Street Journal Crossword Puzzle

The Wall Street Journal Crossword began running in the newspaper's weekend edition in 1998. In the fall of 2015, the newspaper started running a daily puzzle. Under editor Mike Shenk and freelance contractors, a larger variety of puzzles were developed. Today, Emily Cox, Henry Rathvon, Patrick Berry, and Mike Shenk create the puzzles found in the newspaper.

The WSJ Friday crossword features a "puzzle within a puzzle" contest which consists of a single word or phrase. On Saturday, there is a larger-sized crossword, and a secondary word puzzle pulled from various cryptics, acrostics, and other puzzles. The Wall Street Journal Crossword is a standard 15x15 blocked grid during the other days of the week.

Where to play

The Wall Street Journal Crossword can be played in the printed version of the Wall Street Journal Newspaper and the digital version of The Wall Street Journal. A subscription is not required to play the digital version of the puzzle on their website.

The Friday "puzzle within a puzzle" contest solution can be emailed to [email protected]. The Friday contest has its own set of rules which readers can view on the WSJ website.

Readers can also play the WSJ Crossword on the Wall Street Journal App but must pay for a subscription to the Wall Street Journal.

Tips to Solving the Wall Street Journal Crossword

The Wall Street Journal Crossword clues are a mixture of different styles of clues, so general knowledge is important. Here are a few other tips and tricks for solving the puzzle:

  1. Start with fill-in-the-blank clues.
  2. Skip clues you're unsure of.
  3. Use letters from previous clues to solve the following clues.
  4. Read the WSJ, as some of the clues may refer to articles in the newspaper.
  5. Use the internet to help you with harder clues.