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About the LA Times Crossword Puzzle

The Los Angeles Times, or LA Times, is the sixth-largest newspaper in circulation in the United States and has won over 40 Pulitzer Prizes. It began publishing in 1881 and has covered stories in Southern California for over 140 years. With its 40 million unique website visitors per month and millions of physical print readers, the LA Times is one of the largest metropolitan daily newspapers in the country.

Like many daily news publications, the LA Times ran a Sunday crossword puzzle for years since sometime around 1980. Puzzle creators who worked on the Sunday crossword include Merl Reagle, Sylvia Bursztyn, and Barry Tunick.

The LA Times launched a new version of its Daily Crossword puzzle in 2020. It's a web-based puzzle accessible through the website, and it can be played on a desktop computer or mobile device without a paid subscription.

Where to play

Word game enthusiasts can find the LA Times Crossword Puzzle on the official LA Times website. It's free to play, so you don't need to be an LA Times subscriber to gain access to it. A new crossword is published daily at midnight Eastern Standard Time (9 PM Pacific Standard Time).

The online puzzle is designed to be easily accessible and simple to navigate, and it's mobile-friendly for anyone that wants to play on the go via their phone or tablet. Players can also print out the blank puzzle by tapping on the Print button on the top-right of the grid.

It is also possible to partially solve the puzzle and return to it later, as long as you are playing on the same device and browser. The information is stored in a cookie, so you'd need to ensure you allow cookies and are not browsing the website incognito. Lastly, there's an archive of old puzzles available on the website, as well, so you can always go back and solve historical puzzles if you missed out on them.

In addition to the Daily Crossword, the Los Angeles Times also offers a variety of other games, including the Mini Crossword, Sudoku, Wordsearch, and more.

Tips to solve the LA Times Crossword

The LA Times Daily Crossword is designed to be solvable by anyone with a strong grasp of the English language, knowledge of current events, and some wit. Here are some tips and tricks for solving the LA Times Crossword:

  1. Start by focusing on the fill-in-the-blank clues.
  2. Fill in what you know.
  3. Build off your previous answers.
  4. Stay current on your news and world events.
  5. Look up answers to clues that baffle you!