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"You can't just ___ into someone's home!" (suddenly enter) Rancher's cattle-marking tool Come to a close, as a play Candle count on a cake Arrow-launching weapon Writing tip? Workplace training session Word often ignored when alphabetizing What kids don’t want to catch during recess Train wreck, as it were “Tidy” amount Three-card ___ Things shared with confidants Texas’s colorful state flower Supply the spread for Stream flowing down a mountain, maybe Steak, for instance Sprite in “The Tempest” Some methods of birth control, briefly Societal troubles ___ Sea (world’s largest inland body of water) SCOTUS count Ron Howard’s role on “The Andy Griffith Show” Roll sold at a nursery Relish, as a frankfurter Pulls one over on Pressure unit on a tire gauge: Abbr. Portrayer of Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Sir-Launcelot in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” Popular breed of herding dog Places to find some sweaters Partner in the sky Not quite all Nebbiolo or Sangiovese Make a lot of noise in bed, perhaps Major-league starters? Lily with an edible bulb Like citrus fruits Like a steak that’s “still mooing” It’s carried by the lovelorn It may be crude “Instrument” that requires no musical talent “I used to hate facial hair, but then it grew on me,” e.g. High price to pay Guthrie who sang “Alice’s Restaurant” Grabs (on to) Food or water, for example Fantasy island? Family guys? Exchanged promises Currency adopted by Croatia in 2023 Cuatro y dos Bygone small iPod Bounced Base of a puttanesca sauce Accessory that goes to waist? A double play results in two of them Warren Buffett’s birthplace No-show in a Samuel Beckett play End, as a membership Corporate letterhead graphic “Come ___!” (invitation from a penthouse owner) City near Venice Working, as spud-peeling GIs Twirl around Thorough investigation Tex-Mex shells Stylistically pretentious Spanish male friend Skywalker of sci-fi "Shaky" prefix for center Sandwich fish Rule a kingdom Racetrack ratio Pitch a tent Pasta nutrient, for short __ out (barely managed) One glued to the tube Old-style "Cool!" Not trendy Loyal citizen High __ (elite group) Got off a horse Goblet's edge Films a movie Exercise for the pecs Evening, on marquees Do great on a test Coll. transcript stat Certain committee head Captain Kirk's weapons Ashen-looking '70s Israeli leader 1920s style, for short Word with pool or basin Wet Wedding page word Wedding figure Time when shadows are shortest __Tax: Intuit software package Sub, and an apt description of 20-, 34-, or 42-Across