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VenturedStormySelectsLong-distance prefixes (2 wds.)Impossible to preventHalloween wearGreat affectionDrinks slowlyCulturalThere are 24 in a day: Abbr.Take out of its packagingStriped Girl Scout cookieShady, in modern lingoSegment of a moviePlanet orbitersIn 1992, this overtook Italian as the most popular salad dressing in the U.S.End of a fire ... and also the end of two cold months?Hypocrite's perch, perhapsHybrid genre of country and 33-Across, pejorativelyHurried past"Hurrah!" at a stadiumHummer's interior?Huge issue for some teens Huge gem, slangilyHuffy response to a threatH.S. student's test result, on a scale of 1 to 5How loose strings might end up"How Deep Is Your Love" singer Barry, Maurice or Robin Household detergent brand"House" actress WardHotel room option: Abbr.Hopping mad sortHoodless pullovers often worn with other layersHonoredHones, as a bladeHonda Civic competitor from KiaHomemaker from MayberryHome to more than 20 million PakistanisHome to Anderson Cooper and Erin BurnettHoly serviceHollywood's AmandaHoller when the game is deadlockedHog partHobby shop purchase with a large wood or plastic baseHistoricallyHip dressersHigh-tech gaming tournament, brieflyHigh-priced perfume ingredientHerr, here"Here's an ___ …"Herd at YellowstoneHercule Poirot, e.g., for shortHelter-skelter scramblesHelpful skill for guessers?Helmet wearer's potential embarrassment"Hell, yes!"Heavy D's genreHeat center of the 2000sHealth problem now largely eradicated in the U.S.Having gone to an extra period, for shortHaving been sloshed outHaving a rough textureHave a ganderHaute couture nameHaughty intellectualHatch plans"Hasn't impressed me much""… has come ___ surprise""Harvey" star JamesHarsh rule, metaphoricallyHardy's "before"Hard to believe, as a taleHard to believeHard drinks similar to bourbons "Happy Days ___ Here Again"Handle lettersHammer sound"Hamilton" cast member Phillipa"Hallelujah!" singersHall-of-Fame QB BartHalf a soft drink?"Hah!"Hagiography subjects: Abbr.Hacks, sayWith tendernessSturgeon's eggsSenior politicianRiver islandKent resort townInlet of the seaEx-Portuguese region of western IndiaEdible seed or podCure, solutionWife to Henry IIWalking rhythmSword or pistol fightsSteadfastSmall insectSamuel Pepys, e.g.Resilience