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Wok dinner request With 38-Across, what the start of the four longest Across answers all are Where Starry Night was painted Uses for a nap Tot's cool dessert flavor Three-time director of Brando They're close to perfect "The Cow" milk/ilk rhymer Taxi, typically Suggest orally Spring reversal Spoken predecessor of 26-Across Speak to brusquely Southern states' power source Solemn affirmations "Should we know that person?" Shakespeare or Wordsworth Purchase for a road trip Polish early Perfectly, per prescription Particular, informally Nine-Oscar musical of the '50s Mountaineer's implement Military training objective Mid-2nd-century date Mechanical eye McAn of moccasins Major thing in the sky Major apple processor Litter critter Literary tract Legal rights-of-way Kite catcher, perhaps Juicy hybrid Instigates Household accumulation Heron habitat "Help us" trio Heaps affection Hairspray remake star Had faith Guy often cited with "sake" Gooey chocolate, in recipes Formidable female Fight-ending word Entrance for usurpation Dresses grandly Diamond gem Degas' American colleague Dedicate at a book signing Court instrument Cornell team Command from Grandma Close encounter Certain sultan subject Broke from a band Braveheart king Bit of basil Word with odd or parking Take the first step Solo by Maria Callas Russian monarchs High-altitude dwelling Actresses Kudrow and Rinna Youngest daughter on "Black-ish" Word at the end of some films With 49-Down, creator, writer, and star of HBO's "Insecure" Waikiki welcomes Updated versions of classic video games, e.g. Trip to the dry cleaners, say To be determined "Time heals all wounds" The "thee" of "of thee I sing" TEN? Slog (through) Round up Rio greeting Render imperfect Really under the weather Prog rock band Jethro __ Pres. between HST and JFK ORE? Network that airs the Slippery Stairs World Championships More foxy Maker of Sektion cabinets Long exhale Left-leaning voters Juul, e.g. Jannings who won the first Best Actor Oscar Is in the red Informants, in spy lingo "I Love Me" singer Lovato High scorer on a pH test Groundhog Day omen Got behind something, maybe French mathematician Poincaré Fauna counterpart Dimple maker Deep anxiety Country on the Strait of Hormuz