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About the Thomas Joseph Crossword Puzzle

Created for people of all different ages, the Thomas Joseph Crossword Puzzle can be found in several newspapers and publications from Monday to Saturday. Thomas Joseph, the puzzle’s creator, is one of America's most prolific crossword puzzle makers and has published over a dozen books filled with puzzles.

The Thomas Joseph crossword puzzle is a 13x11 blocked grid and features one to two-word clues. This puzzle focuses less on culture and society and more on simple clues that just about anyone can solve.

Where to play

The Thomas Joseph crossword puzzle can be played in various physical newspapers nationwide. In addition, it can be found digitally on the Chicago Tribune and Washington Post websites from Monday to Saturday.

Tips to Solving the Thomas Joseph Crossword

Many solutions to the Thomas Joseph crossword puzzle are synonyms for the clues, so having a large vocabulary will help you find many solutions. Here are a few other tips and tricks that may assist you:

  1. Use the letters you've solved to solve new clues.
  2. Skip clues you're not sure about.
  3. Use a thesaurus to solve some of the clues.
  4. Look online to help find solutions.