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About The Sun Coffee Time Crossword Puzzle

The Sun is a British tabloid newspaper established in 1964 that has become one of the UK's most widely-read newspapers. The newspaper and online website both feature daily crossword puzzles for readers to solve, and The Sun is known for its "two-speed crossword." These crosswords are unique in that they are released daily in sets of two. There's the Cryptic puzzle and the Coffee Time puzzle. Coffee Time consists of short, definition-style clues that are easier to figure out.

Where to Play

The Sun Coffee Time crossword puzzle appears in the physical newspaper as well as online through the puzzle section of the website. Users can play The Sun Mini Crossword and Two-Speed puzzles free of charge without creating an account.

Tips to solve The Sun Coffee Time Crossword

The Sun Coffee Time crossword is the easier of the two-speed puzzles. Users can enjoy it anytime, anywhere, with limited knowledge about current events. Here are some tips you can use to solve The Sun Coffee Time Crossword:

  1. Browse the list of clues and answer the ones you are sure of first.
  2. Switch between the two-speed puzzles and try to figure out some more clues (the answers are the same).
  3. Build off of the letters from your previous answers.
  4. Look up answers to clues that stump you on WordClues.