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About the Eugene Sheffer Crossword Puzzle

The Eugene Sheffer Crossword is a popular word puzzle by enigmatic creator and author Eugene Sheffer. Never too easy, never too difficult, the puzzle focuses on a wide range of cultural topics. Many original puzzles were created in the 1930s and are designed so people of all ages can solve them.

Described as a "complete cultural education," the Eugene Sheffer Crossword covers various subjects in its 13x13 blocked grid. Many of the puzzle's clues are only 1-3 words long, so that it can appeal to all ages. However, with over 50 across and down crossword clues, the Eugene Sheffer crossword isn’t easy.

Dr. Eugene J. Sheffer was the professor emeritus of French and the director of the Maison Francaise at Columbia University, which he attended as a freshman in 1922 and was associated with almost without pause until his retirement in 1966. Sheffer started creating puzzles at the age of 13 and produced the daily crossword puzzle for the King Features Syndicate, which appeared daily in over 150 newspapers. Today, the Eugene Sheffer Crossword can be found in various publications and apps, including the Washington Post and Chicago Tribune.

Where to play

The Eugene Sheffer Crossword Puzzle can be played on the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, and Daily News websites for free. No subscription is required to play it.

The Eugene Sheffer Crossword can also be played physically in national and local newspapers that still feature this iconic puzzle.

Tips to Solving the Eugene Sheffer Crossword

The Eugene Sheffer Crossword puzzle covers many different topics, so being well-versed in culture and society will help you complete it. Here are a few other tips and tricks for solving the Eugene Sheffer Crossword:

  1. Skip clues you're not sure of and move to the next ones.
  2. Build off your previous answers to help solve clues you don't know.
  3. Stay current because the Eugene Sheffer Crossword covers newer topics. 
  4. Research and look up things that are stumping you.