Daily Themed Crossword July 10 2024 Answers

The complete list of answers to the Daily Themed Crossword published on July 10 2024.

Total Clues
Total Across
Total Down

Clues Across (35 total)

Exercise discipline with a lotus position
Ginger ___ (carbonated drink)
Donut-shaped music holders: Abbr.
Miles away, say
Misspelled endearing word on a Valentine's candy heart
Breakfast grain in an energy bar
Single ___ whisky
Orson Welles' "Citizen ___"
Single-stranded genetic molecule related to DNA: Abbr.
Saltwater expanse with starfish and spiny lobsters
"Are You Smarter than a 5th ___?" popular Fox quiz game show featuring school-age kids
City Hall VIP
___ Barrett who was once the lead singer for Pink Floyd
Hula dancer's flowery neckwear
"Nothing but ___" (perfect basketball shot)
Passably average, say: Hyph.
Actress Faris or Kendrick
Breaking ___ (urgent update on the BBC)
Egyptian ___ (spotted cat breed)
"Nickelodeon ___," popular action sports game show that featured three young athletes competing against one another
"All systems are go," at NASA: Hyph.
___-pick (look for tiny faults)
Play pretend on stage
Inflexible or stiff
"Legends of the Hidden ___," popular Nickelodeon action game show that features six teams of children competing against one another
Paper size, for short
"Ni ___" ("Hello," in Mandarin)
In the center of, say
Copied, monkey-style
Thumb drive port: Abbr.
Salt scrub site where one can get some much-deserved "me-time"
___-sighted (can't see distant objects)
"Sloppy" spot for a sow
Bamm-Bamm, to Barney
"Double ___," popular Nickelodeon game show where two teams of children compete against each other in quizzes and completing tasks

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