Daily Themed Crossword April 6 2023 Answers

The complete list of answers to the Daily Themed Crossword published on April 6 2023.

Total Clues
Total Across
Total Down

Clues Across (35 total)

Domestic cat or hamster, e.g.
'90s music collector's stack: Abbr.
From centuries ago, say
Lingerie item with straps, perhaps
Disconnect a phone call, with "up"
Stuff that's icky, sticky, and slimy
___ Black, "School of Rock" actor who voices Bowser in the 2023 film "Super Mario Bros. Movie"
"Mi ___" ("My love," in Spanish)
Delay caused by slow Wi-Fi, say
"We had the time of ___ lives!"
Seth ___, "Funny People" actor who voices Donkey Kong in the 2023 film "Super Mario Bros. Movie"
___ the beans (reveal a secret)
Shepherd's lady?
Take legal action against
"Thanks for being a great waiter!" money
Buzz Aldrin's organization: Abbr.
Long Island ___ Tea
Dutch cheese that's an anagram of "dame"
___ off (fall asleep)
___ Pratt, "Passengers" actor who voices Mario in the 2023 film "Super Mario Bros. Movie"
To and ___ (constant movement)
Ming who formerly played in the NBA
Throw a ball up in the air, say
Grinding tooth at the back of the mouth
Jiggly dessert: Hyph.
___ B. Wells, civil rights activist
Automated account targeted by CAPTCHA
Furniture-moving vehicles
Big, hefty book
Says "good to go," say
Great Lake that the Niagara River flows from
"Resident ___" (horror film series)
Keegan-Michael ___, actor and comedian who voices Toad in the 2023 film "Super Mario Bros. Movie"
Actor ___ Levy of "Schitt's Creek"
Sergeant or Lieutenant, e.g.

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