Daily Themed Crossword April 3 2023 Answers

The complete list of answers to the Daily Themed Crossword published on April 3 2023.

Total Clues
Total Across
Total Down

Clues Across (35 total)

"___-Hulk: Attorney at Law," Marvel TV series
Device at a photoshoot, for short
Solid, liquid, ___, and plasma
After-shower powder
"It's ___-brainer!" (easy decision): 2 wds.
___-picking (petty criticism)
___ Fitzgerald, America's "Queen of Jazz"
Jamaican musician's genre, perhaps (anagram of "ask")
___ Garland, singer who sang "Over the Rainbow" for the 1939 film "Wizard of Oz"
Yellow part of a banana
"___ Claus is Coming to Town" (Michael Buble song)
Crime-fighting organization: Abbr.
___ Grande, singer who covered "Over the Rainbow" at a 2017 benefit concert
Quantity or total, for short
___ Lovelace who inspired a programming language
Tweak clothes, like a tailor
"I don't wanna!"
Harp's great-great-grandparent
Preschooler's plaything
One living under a bridge, in fairy tales
Cartoonist's frame
Actress de Armas of "Blonde"
___ Kamakawiwo'ole, singer known for his "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" medley
Ignited, as a scented candle
Nickname found between the letters R and V
___ LaBelle & The Bluebelles, music group that covered "Over the Rainbow" in 1966
Desire that's difficult to ignore
When doubled, a humorous eating sound
Warty pond dweller
Bring up, as children
Response to a ship captain's orders, say
"Do ___ others as you would have them do..."
"Water, water everywhere, ___ any drop to drink..."
Actor ___ Harrison of "My Fair Lady"
Actress Farrow of "The Purple Rose of Cairo"

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