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About The Atlantic Crossword

The Atlantic is an American magazine and publisher covering topics in politics, foreign affairs, business & economy, technology, science, and arts & culture.

The publication first began offering its own crossword puzzle in September 1977, known as The Atlantic Puzzler, created by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon. The two also ran a biweekly word game on AOL starting in March 1995. The Puzzler, however, ended its run in 2006 and The Atlantic then revived the puzzle tradition in 2018 with the launch of The Atlantic Crossword.

The Atlantic Crossword gets more challenging every day of the week, with Sunday featuring the largest puzzle. Paolo Pasco and Caleb Madison are the crossword-puzzles editors at The Atlantic and create most puzzles featured in the publication.

Where to play

The Atlantic Crossword is available to play for free on The Atlantic website. Monday puzzles are typically a 5x5 grid, while Tuesday through Friday is generally a 10x10 grid. Sunday is the largest and generally most challenging puzzle with its 15x15 grid.

The Atlantic Crossword puzzle is free to play and does not require membership, though the website is ad-supported.

Tips for Solving The Atlantic Crossword

Here are some tips to help you solve The Atlantic Crossword:

  1. Start by filling in the answers to the clues you know.
  2. Focus on fill-in-the-blank clues, as these are usually common phrases and generally the easiest type of clue.
  3. Focus on building off your previous answers; work in sections.
  4. Look up the answer if you're totally stumped!